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Desert Night Creations is a "one woman show" owned and operated by Heather Moreton-Abounader.  Heather has had a life long career in art.  She started drawing horses at 3 and has created art relating to horses ever since.

"Saddles and Bridles are the Tools that Humans use to communicate with horses, it is this communication that inspires me". - Heather Moreton-Abounader

Each miniature is a one of a kind, 1/8th of life Size Scale replica of real horse tack.  Every piece from Heather is Unique because it is hand made and designed. Every Buckle actually works. Every piece is made from Genuine leather, and Real gold or silver . Each piece is signed and each saddle set is numbered.

  Although She started out making "model horse tack", her work has branched out across several genres.   In 2003 her work was Accepted into the Kentucky Museum of Art and Design's giftshop where she reached new markets.  She has had work accepted into the North American Model horse Nationals auction as well.

In 2006 Her work was accepted for the "Arts for the Animals" annual Auction.

In 2007 She was invited to consign pieces (and sold them) through the Autry National Center's Museum of the West Gift Shop.

 You could use her art for decoration in your home or office.  In fact many most of Heather's work is in private collections.

Heather can make any kind of tack in miniature.  Just because you do not see it on Heather's pages, doesn't mean that she can not make it. It just means that she has not made it yet!