Mother Hubbard Saddle II Saddle Set

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After sending the Mother Hubbard I set to the Autry Museum for Sale, I decided to start on a second set.  There were things that I wanted to change from the Mother Hubbard I set and improve upon.  Firstly, I wanted to make it a bit smaller so that it would fit smaller sized models.  Secondly, I wanted to change the tooling pattern so that this saddle would be different from the first.  Thirdly, I was completely and utterly determined to learn interweaving of my knots.

I truly think that this saddle set  and the Mother Hubbard I saddle set showcase just about every skill I have as a miniature tackmaker. From pattern making for the saddle, to leather tooling, to silversmithing and braiding.  I'm extremely pleased with what I've managed to come up with for this set.

This saddle set was truly MADE BY ME!

Again, the only pieces on this set I did not make were the saddle tree and the Stirrups.  The stirrups were hand made out of real wood by my friend and woodworker, Robin Hudson.  The tree was customized from a Jennifer Harris Tree.

Saddle Stand Made by Robin Hudson