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Max in a million taking first place in showmanship at MAR 05 Owned By Karen Jensen

Arabian Show halter with silver spots and swarovski spots and real silver conchos.

Dyed leather gold halter.

Leather and silver beaded halter with Real silver plate across the nose

All beaded silver bitted show bridle






These halters are made for the Delicate, anciently bred head of an arabian.  Featuring a tiny, delicate sterling silver chain throatlatch!  Regular silver curb Chain runs under the chin.  This halter is current and correct for Arabians, National Show Horses and Morabs and even Akhal Tekes! (I have documentation to prove that they use them on tekes.)

Each halter is made from black, thin rolled leather, have a small tongued Rio Rondo buckle and leather keeper at the poll.  Each silver halter is then coated to retard tarnishing.

These halters run $80.00