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This phone, was made by Edward Bohlin, The Famous Saddlemaker, for the Wrigley Family of Chicago.

On the weekend of January 1st, 2006 I was at a Flea Market At the Fairgrounds in Louisville, KY.

After perusing through many, many beautiful things I came upon an Antique Dealer that had a beautiful brush, mirror and comb set that was real silver.  The set had belonged to the Wrigley Family in Chicago, Il.  Also in this booth, much to my shock and delight, (I am a gigantic Edward Bohlin fan thanks to Susan Bensema Young) the  Dealer had an Actual Silver Telephone Made as a Gift By Edward Bohlin For The Wrigley family.

The Dealer had bought these items at an Estate Sale of the Wrigley's in 2005.  This telephone, according to the dealer, was given to JP Wrigley by Edward Bohlin, because the Wrigleys would hold rodeos in Wisconsin. This was Edward Bohlin's way of thanking him for holding the rodeos.

I have found precious little about Telephones by Edward Bolin on the internet.  Susan Bensema Young pointed out that there IS a mention in the Bohlin Book, Saddlemaker to the Stars about this telephone and some others: 

"The saddles and other products of the shop, which included hollow ware, picture frames, lamps, and other goods, became indicators of opulence for the wealthy of California. He even produced sterling telephones for the Wrigley and DuPont families. One, done with gold plating and inset diamonds, was sent to Mae West."
---James Nottage.


PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT OWN THIS PHONE! It was a piece that I saw at a flea market!

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