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These bridles are 1/8th LIfe Size scale (click the underlined words for size comparison)






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This piece was in the 2002 NAN auction

Bosal owned by Robin Smith.

2008 Work

2008 work

2008 work







1/6th Scale Bosal




Clearly these are inspired by, and a tribute to the work of Susan Bensema Young.  I learned how to round braid and make bosals by reading Susan's book.  If you haven't gotten a copy yet, I highly recommend it.

Bosals are hand braided using artificial rawhide using the six strand braid method. 

My Mecates are in "transition" and I am coming up with a new way of making them, thanks to Susan Bensema Young.

The knots on the bosals are real, interwoven turks head and spanish ring knots made using heavy thread. They are not painted nor are they beads!

Bosal Prices vary depending on design and colors and run from $120 - $220