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This page is dedicated to my WONDERFUL customers!!


Owned by Rosemary Simeon of Austraila! TOPSA winner.

Show hack bridle in REAL GOLD owned by Diana Patterson.  Picture by Simrat Khalsa

This beautiful guy Owned by Diane Bartlett. Halter by me.

This adorable cutie is owned by Karen Jensen. Halter by me.

Diva owned and painted by Jennifer Danza. This halter was featured in Breyer's  "Just about Horses Magazine" on one of Jenn's Customs. 2004

One of karen's horses winning top 10 at NAN in 2001


me and karen jensen in 2001 at the north american nationals.

Both my and Karen's horses had halters made by me on when they went top ten and then onto winning. 2001

Shellie Hedrick's Top ten NAN entry. Warmblood bridle by me. 2001

Bridle by desertnightcreations.  Owned by Angie Delk. 2001

At NAN 2002, Debbi Lermond's Mirage Resin came in third on the cards wearing a bridle by me!

Bridle and breastcollar by me. This set also went top ten at NAN2002

Delana Metcalf's Showmanship entry, "NAN-ing" at the last Tiny Trotters show in 2002

Robin Smith's Reserve champion at Derby City Live in 2002 wearing a double bridle by me

Anna Tackett's entry taking third in a VERY large showmanship class. (halter by me) 200

Anna tackett's entry taking second at Model Horse Mania in 2002 Double Bridle by me

My Saddle set, which took reserve champion at the first ever Tack Competition at Mountain City Live 3 2003

This set later sold for $500

Anna tackett's "other western" entry at Mountain City Live 4. This set up won the class. (saddle set and halter by me) 2004

Dragon Master, owned by beth hoffert wearing his DNC Saddleseat set.

This set took First in Saddlseat and Reserve performance champ overall!


Top Ten at the 2004 North American Nationals in CM/AR Western Pleasure Other Type. Tack by Me.  Owned By Danielle Feldman

Top Eight in CM/AR Saddleseat.  Bridle by me, Owned by Danielle Feldman 2004

Halter By Me. Ultimate Star Resin owned by Kathy Stuck


My Whiplash Resin taking Second in a Desert Night Creations Cutting Set at Model Horse Mania 2004

This entry took

Champion at MAR 2005 for Other Performance. (First in showmanship) Owned by a Longtime Friend/Customer, Karen Jensen

A desert night creations saddle set owned by Silke Kegal in Germany, taking first in the cutting class.


A desert night creations Bridle on Diane Bartlett's winning entry at MAR 2005

Anna Tackett's First Place Entry in Showmanship with a Desert Night Creations' Halter at Top Of Ohio Live, 2005

My Own Entry in Western Working Performance that took it's class and the Overall Performance Division Championship at Tri State Live 2005!

Robin Poehlein's Night Maneuvers winning Overall Champ Peformance with a DNC Bridle!  Model Horse Mania 2006

Pictures of Anna Tackett's Super Far out winning overall performance at MOMS 2006 using DNC tack.

A Picture from the 2006 North American Model Horse Nationals of Robin Poehlein's entry taking The NAN Championship in saddleseat with DNC Tack!

This is Karen Jensen's "Other Scene" entry at the 2006 North American Model Horse Nationals. She later took a top ten!  The halter was made by me.

Karen Haslip's DNC Saddleseat Set taking another Top Ten at the 2006 North American Model Horse Nationals!

Anna Tackett's Super Far out taking another top ten with DNC Tack at the 2006 North American Model Horse Nationals in Western Riding.

Robin Poehlein's winning entry using DNC tack at the 2007 Model Horse Mania Horse show.

Anna tackett's Over all Performance Win at the 2007 Model Horse Mania Horse Show

Robin Poehlein's NAN placing at the 2007 Model Horse Mania Horse Show using DNC tack!

Danielle Miller's Reserve Champion Win with a DNC Bridle at the 2007 NAN. Photo By Vicki Norris.

Pat McDonald's Top Ten win at the 2007 NAN with a DNC Arabian Show halter