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(Saddle seat, Show hack and Dressage)

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Show hack Bridle using Real Gold beads and gold hardware. Owned by Diana Patterson

This bridle owned by debbi lermond and was on her Top Ten NAN that placed third overall in the saddleseat class. (Pictured below - Picture courtesy of Elizabeth Bouras)

This bridle's browband and noseband was mading using real gold bezel wire. Owned by Robin Smith

Bridle owned by Debbi Lermond

This bridle has a laced Snaffle Rein. The lacing is 1/16th leather that has been split in half.

Bridle Owned by Robin Smith to match a similar brown Bridle. Real gold wire was used for the browband and noseband.


Laced Snaffle Rein


Brown and black Bridles side by side






These bridles take a week to make by themselves.  I've been making them for quite some time now but I try to work on adding another realistic detail every time I construct one.  They are one of the most sought after items that I make.