Western Pleasure Bridles

These bridles are MINIATURE SCALE!   (click the underlined words for size comparison)





















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This bridle and breastcollar feature real braided reins and real interwoven turks head knots as well as real swarovski crystals.

owned by Susan parker

(2009 work)

This bridle features real woven knots and real braided reins as well as a real silver keeper and real silver tips on the crownpiece. Owned by Kellye Bussey.

(2009 work)

This Bridle Also features Hand woven turks head knots and spanish ring knots (The red knots) This set belongs to Alicia Vogel. There will be a matching breastcollar later this year..



I don't have many recent miniature  western pleasure bridles and breastcollar sets because I normally just make a whole western pleasure set that includes the saddle.  However recently I've made a couple of exceptions.   In the future I may make them to order via lottery in the near future. Please join my free yahoo group to be informed as to when lottery slots are available.

Pricing for a bridle and breastcollar set starts at $200 and goes up from there depending on detail (braiding, knots,  real silver hand made bit ..etc..).  Pictures of what you have in mind are ALWAYS helpful!

Please note that Anything containing REAL GOLD beads will be extremely expensive because of the current price of gold.

All pieces will be signed with "DNC" and the current year.