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Hand draw and stamped saddle that utilizes swarovski crystals and Real gold and silver beads. The lacing on the horn, back of saddle and on front of shoulders is real gold.

Sold for $500

2003 Work

This set has a hand drawn "Southwestern" pattern border and a hand stamped pattern. All silver is sterling silver and has been hand etched.

Owned by Danielle Feldman

Went top ten at NAN in 2004 and has won many championships for it's owner, Danielle Feldman.

2004 Work

2004 work

Beautiful Detail Pictures by Anna Tackett.

This set was made using entirely hand etched sterling silver plates, and beads as well as real gold beads. Pattern is of my own design and was hand drawn onto the leather. Owned by Anna Tackett

This set has won NUMEROUS Championships for it's owner.

Similar set is $650

(anthony's saddle)

Late 2005 work.

This saddle is very special.  A few years ago when I first started making saddles, I made one for my husband.  That saddle "accidently" was sold and he's been asking for new saddle ever since.

The above saddle is his new saddle.

 This saddle features hand made, and hand etched silver plates.  The green crystals are real swarovski chrystals.

The edge pattern and the design in the middle are hand drawn and then tooled so that they are raised. They were then hand dyed with a small paint brush and sealed.  I then used Rio Rondo's basketweave tool as a background

The matching bridle and breastcollar  features real silver beads, keepers, and tips on the crownpiece as well as on the breast collar.

Every buckle on both the saddle and bridle really work.

I consider this the finest saddle that I have made to date and my husband is very protective of it. I use it as a decoration in my Southwestern themed kitchen.

A smilar set would be $750

(Oak leaves and acorns III)

This was a saddle set made for Silke Kegal in German.

This was a trade for a Petit Prince Resin by Brigitte eberl.

All of the silver on the saddle is real silver with the exception of the buckles on the bridle and breast collar. The little crystal on the bit is a real swarovski crystal.

2005 work

This is a revamped version of Oak Leaves and Acorns II.  When this saddle came home from the Kentucky Museum of Art and Design, I created new corner plates and moved the leaves to the back of the cantle and to the shoulders of the saddle. I also made the bridle a single beaded row instead of a double row. It sold immediately to Ann Bilon.

A similar saddle would be $650

2006/2004 Work


In 2007 and 2008 My time was Occupied by my mother hubbard sets so there are no western pleasure saddle sets during those years.