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  Unfortunately, I am not a company with more than one person making the miniatures.  Each miniature can take up to a week or more to produce. ( western saddle sets take a month or more)  I am, however,  VERY grateful for the interest in my work.. just wish I could crank it out faster..:-)


 If you wish to be notified when I have pieces for sale,  you must  join my yahoo group.  I can not take orders for custom work at this time.   I always inform the yahoo group first when I have pieces made. 

This is the announcement only Group

Click here to join desertnightcreationsannouncements
Click to join desertnightcreationsannouncements

Normally when I do have pieces made, I sell them via lottery and I pick winners using a randomly generated number system so that the process is fair. (Last lottery I only had  10 people entered, So your chances are good)


I also sell pieces on (under tack) but the Group is Notified First.

 Thank you for your understanding.



If you have bought an item from me within the past year (starting from the day you received it), and it breaks with regular use I will repair it for free. 

Any pieces older than that will incur a charge based on what needs to be done. I will need a complete description from you, telling me what you would like to have fixed, as well as pictures of the Damage BEFORE you send the item to me.  Repairs can take up to a YEAR to return to you.  NO EXCEPTIONS!



 I am Booked for 2009! Sorry!